SOS-CANADA Application

For information about joining SOS-CANADA see CANADA POPS-SOS registration.

SOS-USA Application

Being over 60 years old and having made at least one parachute jump (tandems included) qualifies you to join SOS. To get your SOS number, fill out an application form and send with $20.00 for a life membership. New SOS-USA members receive a membership card, a USPA Team Sponsor decal, an SOS Store list, and SOS/POPS fliers about upcoming events if appropriate and timely.

Effective July 1, 2015 the lifetime fee to become a member of Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS) is $20.00. This is only the second raise since we began almost 15-years ago and is necessary in order to continue our support of the U. S. Team Trust Fund and the Skydiving Museum.

Download and print the Microsoft Word SOS application form, or print the HTML SOS application form, fill it in and mail with your membership fee to the TOP SOS, Pat Moorehead.

Pat Moorehead, SOS #1
3350 St. Francis Place
Long Beach, CA 90805-3854 USA
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