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16th WPMC

14 Feb 2024

16th World POPS Meet and Championship

The dates for the next WPMC are from the 14th Feb - 29 Feb 2024. The team are looking at putting on a skydiving festival that will include the international water accuracy landing competition, followed by the POPS WPMC. 

Pre-Registration is now available to participate in the 16th POPS World Meeting & Championship, which will take place in Villarrica from February 19 to 29, 2024 (14th to 18th Training + Water Accuracy). 

Competition disciplines are 4 Way Free Fall Formations, 8 Speed Star, Precision & Sport Accuracy and as always Hit 'n' Rock.

A beautiful repowered Twin Otter DHC 6 has hired for the event.

To see more details & Pre-register go to

First Bulletin No1 has been released. English or Española

We have been looking for the best dates for the WPM&C, in order to link it in some way with the

International Water Accuracy Championship,

and we believe that the best way is to hold an International Skydiving Festival on the following dates:

Water Accuracy Championship February 14 to 18, 2024

World POP's Meet & Championship February 19-29, 2024

In this way, those interested in participating in the Water Accuracy Championship can arrive earlier, get to know the DZ, participate in the event, and later change the rig and prepare for the great POP's event, which will include 1 or 2 days off to visit the area and do some tourism.

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