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Record Breaking in Apr 2023

James Guido Davies

15 Apr 2023

Records Set by POPS and SOS around the World

WHEW, what a BUSY weekend! Summary first, details below:

- First two POPS TBS (Total Break Sequential) records

- Pat Moorehead, TopSOS, graced me with the SOS Meritorious Service award.

- SOS makes two World records

- SOS is named the 2023 Path of Excellence Award winner

(PS I was able to tag almost all these SOS members, but I'll caveat that with I'm sorry if I tagged the "wrong" person)

The TopPOP of France sent me two records that will now be our first ever POPS TBS records. An impressive 2pt24way and 3pt16way. Those are now posted on our “Foreign Records” page, as well as our World Records page.

As I am not of SOS age, I couldn’t participate, but I did show up to support our SOS members as they worked to break the current SOS record for Largest Formation. I thought I was just going to give a supportive speech, but Pat Moorehead surprised me, while I was standing in front of 101 SOS members, by awarding me with only the 8th ever given award for Meritorious Service. They gave me an appropriate “Hymn”.

The SOS crew achieved the new record for largest 101way formation on the third day, despite weather on the first couple of days. With another day remaining, they then tried to break a sequential record, which they were able to succeed at as well, 2pt95way, once again with still time for one more jump that day, that they didn’t need, before some had to catch flights home. I burned the midnight oil, literally, to print out 105 certificates that I gave to each member personally, but their 95way I had to pass off to Dan and Jen to distribute as the organizers of the event, (contact them or go by Perris for those certificates.)

While at the Saturday night dinner around the pool, Jim McCormick and Melanie Conatser surprised Pat and me with a phone call from Marylou Laughlin stating that the SOS organization was named this year’s Path of Excellence Award winner. SOS will be honored at this year’s Hall of Fame event.

Celine Pelletier was on her marketing game as usual and had the new SOS records spreading across the TV networks:

Good Morning America :

NBC Los Angeles:

FoxLA: VIDEO: 101 skydivers over 60 set record in California (



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