To register a POPS/SOS/JOS/JOES/JONS record, download and print Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Record Application Form, fill it in and mail along with a photograph of the completed formation to the address shown on the application.


The Tiny Broadwick Memorial (TBM) designation marks a record for which all participants are female. Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick is often referred to as the First Lady of Parachuting. Follow this link to learn facts about Tiny.

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No JONS World Records exist yet.

Records eligibility information about POPS/SOS/JOS/JOES/JON and TBM (Tiny Broadwick Memorial Women) records.

This program was voluntarily created and administered by Len Zak, POPS 460, in 1990. Since then, there have been over 4,200 Record Certificates earned and awarded.

The name and contact information for the current POPS Records Administrator can be found on the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Record Application Form.

Additional information and organizing tips can be found on the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Record Application Form and elsewhere on this site.

Who is eligible to participate in record jumps?

For a POPS record to be officially recognized, each record applicant and participant must be a valid member of POPS before the record is attempted. All members of SOS, JOS, JOES, JON must also be a member of POPS in order to qualify for official recognition of any record set in their respective categories and must be prepared to submit proof of said membership to the Organizer. If, when the record application is submitted, it is found that anyone on the application is not a POPS member (or, if applicable, not a member of a sub-group) the record shall be declared invalid.

The Organizer is responsible to determine membership status of all participants. If a participant cannot prove his membership prior to the jump, the Organizer should collect the appropriate membership application and fee before the record attempt. If it is later determined that the participant is a valid member, his application and membership fee should be returned in full. The Organizer is encouraged to contact the TopPOP (or sub-group) for membership verification of the expected participants.

Records may be claimed by an individual for 'most jumps in a day,' etc. Women POPS may claim 'all women' records in all categories--see 'Records' for existing categories.

Members from any country who are current members in that country's POPS chapter are eligible to participate in any other country's record setting event.

Additional information

For all record categories, it is permissible to combine two or more record disciplines on one jump as long as each record is done in the sky as planned on the ground.

Examples of setting new records or superseding existing records

Formation Skydiving Sequential records, because there are two criteria required for each record, may require some clarification to determine if you are setting a new record or breaking an existing record.

The following are examples ONLY and in no way reflect actual current records.

Consider these two POPS FS Sequential World Records as the only two records existing for the purpose of this example:
  • FS Sequential: 2-point, 7-way, some date, some DZ (record A)
  • FS Sequential: 5-point, 4-way, some date, some DZ (record B)

The following are examples that would break (supersede) the example existing records or set new ones:

  • It is possible to break (supersede) record A by performing a 2-point FS Sequential jump with 8 or more people.
  • It is possible to break (supersede) record B by performing a 5-point FS Sequential jump with 5 or more people.
  • A new record would be set by performing a 3-point, 2-way.
  • A new record would be set by performing a 4-point, 2-way.
  • A new record would be set by performing a 6-point, 4-way.
  • Three new records would be set by a 9-way Formation Skydive, followed by a 9-way Vertical Skydive, followed by a 9-way Canopy Formation all performed from a single exit.

POPS/SOS/JOS/JOES FS Sequential Records are broken (superseded) by adding more people to the size of formation and performing the same number of points as an existing record. New FS Sequential records are set by a group of 2 or more people performing a number of points different from, but not necessarily greater than, any existing FS Sequential record.

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