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  Parachustists Over Phorty


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The Parachutists Over Phorty Society or POPS is a club for skydivers, who have reached the age of forty. The first POPS was founded in 1966 in the USA and POPs are now to be found in many countries around the world. For more information on National POPS, go to the National Organizations link. National POPS hold regular competitions in their own countries.

Every two or three years a World POPS Championships takes place under the direction of the World TopPOP (see World TopPOP link). For more information on past World POPs Championships go to the World Championships link.


The POPS membership requirements are very straightforward. All that is required is that a person has made a freefall parachute jump, a static line parachute jump or a tandem skydive and is at least forty years of age. Smaller groups within POPS are SOS - Skydivers Over Sixty, JOS - Jumpers Over Seventy and there are even some members of JOES - Jumpers Over Eighty Society and JONS - Jumpers Over Ninety Society.

This site is about skydiving and sport parachuting. Freefall and jumping out of planes and balloons are included. You might consider that peripheral interests are skydiving equipment such as parachute canopies, rigs and harnesses, jump suits and altimeters, goggles and helmets.

People looking at this site may also be interested in skydiving videos and freefall camera work. Free flying and canopy formation events and records are part of the sport too, as is classical and sports accuracy.


The interest is not regional and has a world-wide appeal, so it is of as much interest to skydivers in Australia and New Zealand as to parachutists in Europe and the USA. Age is no barrier, except that to join the Parachutists Over Phorty Society you have to be older than forty and similarly with the skydivers over sixty, jumpers over seventy and jumpers over eights societies


This site is not about music or pop groups, bands. It is not about pop-tarts or picnics, lollipops, popsicles or other confectionery, cookies, candy or sweets. Ignore POPS. It has nothing to do with CDs DVDs or records. Tandems are not particularly relevant either.

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