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Jumpers Over Eighty Society (JOES)

Being over 80 years old and having made at least one parachute jump (tandem, static line, accelerated free fall, or freefall) qualifies you to join JOES.

Organizations of jumpers over the age of eighty were started in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America by two different individuals. In 2005 the two groups have combined under the auspices of the POPS organization.

Peter Best, founder of the JOES group in UK, and TOP JOE #1 has passed away on May 25, 2007. He attended and judged at the 8th World POPS Meet in Eloy, AZ, USA, in October 2006. He will be greatly missed. Tom Morrison became TOP JOE #2. In July of 2010, Bud LaPointe became Top JOE #3. In April of 2015, Len Zak became TOP JOE #4
JOES has an administrator who handles the paperwork and keeps the membership records for the TOP JOE. Currently administration is provided by Cheryl Whitford who can be contacted via the USA contact form.

Several JOES members were in attendance for the National Skydiving Museum event at Skydive Chicago in September 2013. Photo below, taken by Alicia Moorehead, shows Lew Sanborn, JOES #44, NSM Hall of Fame Class of 2010; Jacky Sanborn, JOES #37; Dave DeWolf, JOES #81, NSM Hall of Fame Class of 2016; Pat Moorehead, JOES #67, NSM Hall of Fame Class of 2016; Muriel Simbro, JOES #61, NSM Hall of Fame Class of 2012; and Lenny Waugh, JOES #94 in the NSM exhibit at SDC.

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JOES Records and Joining Instructions

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