World POPS

Although the Parachutists Over Phorty Society had members in many countries, it did not begin to have a World identity until the first World POPS Championships (WPC) in Australia in 1989. A stronger global community was then forged by the election of Mike Allum as the first World TopPOP at the third WPC in Spain in 1995. The main responsibility of the World TopPOP is the organization of the next WPC.

WPCs now take place every two to three years and are an opportunity to renew old friendships, make new ones and take part in friendly competition with and against POPS members from all over the world.

World POPS Records and Championships

Please find below links to World Championships of the past, Current National Top POPS & World Top POPS past and Present, National Records, World Records and Awards presented at the World Meet & Championships.

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Link to previous World Championships

Link to current World and National Top POPS, with contact details.

Link to the Current World POPS Records. 


Link to the current Recorded National Records held by each National POPS Branches.

Award Winner

Link to the awards presented at each World Meet and Championship.