"You don't quit skydiving because you get old, you get old because you quit skydiving!" - Bill Wood

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Below are links to various pages within the World POPS Website. Some are direct Links to Branches of POPS, some are to information of previous events.

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World POPS Meet and Championship

The 15th World POPS Meet and Championship will take place at the Army Parachute
Association (APA), Netheravon over the period Fri 19 Aug – Mon 29 Aug 2022. The Championship is open to all international registered members of the Parachutists Over Phorty Society (POPS) (Subject to UK Government Border Control Entry)


All competitors and Non-competitors are required to Register on the following link:
Please could we ask everyone who intends to come, to register and pay their registration fees before the end of June 22, this will allow us to purchase the event T-Shirts, which need to be ordered 6 - 10 weeks in advance. Payments details are available in the Information Bulletin and in the registration form.

However, registration will remain open until 2359 on Mon 22 Jul. Late registration maybe possible, however, this does not guarantee a last night dinner slot or goodie bag. More details are provided via the button below.