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Seventh World Meet

July 31st - Aug 8th 2004 - Gruyères, Switzerland

The Seventh World POPS Meet was at Gruyères in Switzerland, at the Epagny Aerodrome, between July 31st and August 8th, 2004.

To see more POPS WORLD MEET news and results, visit the Swiss POPS web pages.

More photos are available at the Danish POPS web pages.

News from the Meet on August 4, 2004




























Pete and Julie Shew celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary on Transfleuron Glacier. Pete was the TOP POP in the United Kingdom in 2002-2003.    






















Alpenhorns in Gruyères











Puma at the glacier    













A Chilliwack moment in Gruyères
30th July 2004


World TOP POP Théo Fritschy at rest on site in Gruyères in Switzerland.
29th July 2004










The flag display at the Epagny Aerodrome is ready for the 7th POPS World Meet. 

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