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UK SOS Record Attempt

Mike nesbit

18 Sept 2024

UK SOS Record Attempt

Hi All,

Having recently had confirmation and commitment from Langar, I can now confirm that:

1. The SOS UK Record Attempt 2024 shall take place from Wed 18 Sep - Fri 20 Sep 2024 at Skydive Langar.

2. The outline plan is to meet at Skydive Langar Wed 18 Sep at 08:15 for kit & documents check, Langar waiver signed (it would be helpful if this can be done in advance of, where possible, the event) jumpsuits on, gear turned on and ready.

3. I am really excited to announce that the Load Organiser for the Record Attempt is Patrick Passe!

4. We will be looking at 4 jumps per day over that period and therefore budget for 12 jumps. Jump Tickets shall be £27.00 (Langar Jumpers please note that you cannot use Block Jumps for this event). Altitude shall be 14000 Ft. We will have two aircraft and three days to achieve the record.

5. The Registration Event is currently £50.00. For SOS members on previous UK records you may be asking what do you get for your £50.00 Registration Fee?

You get:

A world class Load Organiser in Patrick Passe, who will shape and plan our attempts to be the most successful they can be – we want this to be a step change in the UK Record

Jumping with a committed group that are 100% there to make history

Support our application for other funds to help with the overall cost given that each jumper has shown their commitment to the Plan

An anticipated meal for the group on completion of the event (if there are any funds remaining, those will be deposited at the Bar at the end of the event to toast our success!)

6. This is to primarily offset Patrick’s rate/expenses as well as Camera Flyers’ pack jobs; please note that whilst I am confident that funding shall be available to cover the bulk of these costs (and I am currently in discussion for the same), there may be an increase in the Registration Fee.

7. A registration form is attached and is self-explanatory using the following link (Copy and Paste):

8. Please refer to Skydive Langar’s website for accommodation options available in order that you can make the necessary logistics/arrangements.

9. I will be at the DZ from Tue 17 Sep.

10. We also have the option of using the period Tue 10 - Wed 11 Sep as warm up; however, this will be single aircraft only (14+ Camera) and will manifest as part of a normal skydiving operation

11. Key to achieving the record will be safety, currency and consistency; there are a number of events at different DZs both in the UK and elsewhere; P3 May, Jim Bradwell’s 16 Ways & Sequential (12-15 Sep) and others; also David is organising an informal event at Langar (15 - 16 Jun). I would ask for support from the Wider Team to promote the event and get fellow SOS into the air - be it Nethers, Headcorn, Peterlee, Hinton, Dunks etc. We will seek to organise warm ups during May - Aug, to be announced.

12. Registration shall close at 16:00 31 Jul. This shall allow us to update the dive plans, allocate slots.

13. Obviously things change; if any changes occur, then please, in the first instance inform me either by email or telephone (+447748 534914)

14. I will speak with The Mag to socialise the event.

15. Please cascade out to other potential POPS/SOS members or non-members for candidate membership

Mike Nesbit

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